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What they say about Sharon and her work


I have tried many wellness professionals in the world, but have never found anyone with her level of skills, care and professionalism.

~ Veronique C



Sharon is professional, she listens, and each session is customized.  It’s relaxing and calming, I feel taken care of.  There’s noticeable improvement in my anxiety levels.

~ M Balenske



When Sharon gives suggestions or advice I take it to heart because I know she feels it is right just for me. It is not a blanket suggestion. It is one she feels would actually benefit my well-being. It is rare that you would go into an office and not ask for something. When I go to Sharon I allow myself to be fully open to the process because I know she is going to do what is best for me right then and there.

~ Aida Leigh



This gentle, non-invasive Rejuvenation Acupuncture is great, it not only helps me look fresh and younger, but it took care of my sinus problem as well. I recommend it to everyone who wants to take some tired years off and feel younger

~ Dolores Gill



I like the communication, energy healing, acupuncture, everything.  Since seeing Sharon I cope well with work stress, feel relaxed, lost weight, and have stronger resilience.  Now I am having regular sessions with Sharon for relaxation, stress relief, rebalancing, wieght loss, anti-aging, vitality, food & eating recommendatons.

~ Anna G



What I like best about Sharon is she is multifaceted. Not just an acupuncturist or an aroma therapist. But an intuitive individual who obviously has her clients best interest at heart.  She feels my energies and is able to verbalize thoughts and feelings that I struggle to put words too.  Her balanced approach to her healing is one I relate to very well, she is realistic about her clients’ lifestyles and tries to support where and when she can.

~ Ellen Parker



What I like about Sharon’s treatment is that everything is explained clearly and slowly at a pace I can understand. The treatments are always conducted with care and encouragement. She is patient and kind and always listens without judgment. I never feel that Sharon is pushy about what she does or insistent that it is her way or no way.

Improvements after just one program:

Headaches - very few now

Sinus pain - only one occurrence

Nasal congestion - very few occurrences

Nose bleeds- have now completely stopped.  This is a massive change and improvement given that I have a disease (HHT) which can cause severe nosebleeds.  Complexion has improved.

Much less fatigued and consequently more energy.  Anxiety has really decreased I lost weight, coughing less and I just feel lighter in myself

I am very happy with the learning and progress I am making with Sharon. Integrative practice is new to me and I have really enjoyed learning all about it with Sharon. I also feel significantly better since I started the treatment. I trust Sharon and I believe that she always has my best interests at heart.

~ Jane Maddison



Sharon’s service is enjoyable, effective, and all-encompassing. The combination of all the gentle yet effective therapies all in one session is truly out for the best interest of her clients. Thanks to Sharon, I am finally taking better care of my health! I feel more empowered, confident and self-respecting

~ Elaine Chan



I have been seeing Sharon for QI Healing since 2000 and I am often told that I look younger than I am. Sharon’s energy is positive, always calm and relaxing. I recommend her program to anyone who wants to rejuvenate and stay young

~ Sam Robinson



I’ve enjoyed the wide range of treatments, it has helped my migraines, digestion and energy levels.  She’s wonderful.

~ S L Easteal



Everything is perfect.  I recommend Sharon’s service as she offers a great practice mixing well-being and acupuncture.

~ S Alexandroff



I am very happy with the treatment program.  It was effective and targeted and has improved my overall energy and wellbeing.

~ Joanne Lo



I like the holistic approach to mind and body healing, and the combination of aromatherapy and acupuncture.  Many thanks to Sharon for setting me on the right path to spiritual and physical  well-being

~ Jennifer D



It's truly healing!  The energy is always positive and settling.  I no longer need medication for my hives.  I have recommended my friends to come as they see I am less bloated and more energetic.

~ Karen Wise



Sharon’s healing program is relaxing and delivered to my needs.  I lost weight and feel great!

~ Stark U



I felt lighter, meaning during the session I felt my mind going to all the key areas that I am upset or angry about and felt I looked at them differently.  These are areas I need to either do something about or just get over because I can’t change the problem or issue. Thank you and see you in the next session.

~ Sally Boulton



Today’s remote healing (Virtual Acupuncture) session was amazing, especially how Sharon could tell about the “cold” and the tension in my neck down to lower back.  My left ear does feel less clogged up! The pain / strain in my arm while still present, feels a bit “lighter”.  It is true I need to watch my posture while journaling / writing. Towards the end of the session, I felt a distinct sensation in my neck, on the right side - like a massage or pressure; after the session, I felt very relaxed and drifted off to sleep a bit, able to slow down my mind finally after a busy day. Thanks so much!

~ Irene Chung



I was referred to see Sharon by my family doctor for my chronic illness including sinus, headache, dizziness and stomach discomfort. I am experiencing great improvement! Sharon’s healing sessions are relaxing and I can visually see that the acupuncture was eliminating internal imbalances and inflammation.

~ Al DelRe



I came to see Sharon for Acupuncture, healing, clearing energy- stress  before CNY and am feeling energetic afterwards. She is excellent and extremely knowledgeable and talented and knows how to help you when you see her. I also consider to go to her for a full body check energywise if I’m feeling a bit low

~ N Petit O’Connor



After seeing Sharon for my carpal tunnel, I no longer have pain in my hands and do not need to wear my support glove anymore. The sessions are very relaxing and really helped me to find peace, I learnt a lot about myself. Thank you very much. I think I have been searching a long time to find this healing and I feel very overwhelmed at how different Ialready feel.”

~ Kate Carrington


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