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QI Facial & Body Rejuvenation

A highly effective, non-surgical approach to reduce signs of ageing. It also helps alleviate health conditions that may reveal on the face.


Depending on your skin condition, it helps:

  • De-puff and brighten complexion
  • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles
  • Fade pigmentation and blemishes
  • Lift drooping eye-lids and double chin
  • Encourage collagen production
  • Renew mind-body energy

The delicate use of fine needles, QI (energy) work, and cranial sacral release with essential oils is arranged in a flow to enhance the rejuvenating process.

Noticeable improvements are experienced after one session.

However, you are welcome to follow a recommended treatment plan that works towards your desired results.

The effects, including overall health and vitality, can last for years with regular maintenance.​



QI (Energy) Healing Therapy

For deep relaxation, pain relief and greater balance at all levels


"QI" is the life force energy inside and around all beings. 

As with yin-yang, the body operates optimally when QI flows in balance. 

Take advantage of this therapy if you are experiencing low energy level, pain, or premature aging, 

Greater balance in physical and emotional health can be restored almost effortlessly along this unlimited, co-creative healing process. 

Shifts are often experienced, leading to a more peaceful mind.

You will also be equipped with simple and easy self-healing technique to take home, as healing goes on beyond the session.


QI (Energy) Healing not only works to alleviate aches and pains, it also serves to quiet the mind from its chattering, allowing energy to open, and to unwind limiting emotions.

Guided meditation and the use of essential oils on specific meridian lines and points are also used help clear the body’s healing path. 



Remote / Distant Healing Session (Virtual Acupuncture)

“With energy there is no distance. What can be sensed about a person when they are present, can be sensed just as easily long distance,” -Alain Herriot.


Sharon often works with overseas and local clients on line or phone. What you would like to work on and whatever else that may be found during the session will be the focus of the healing work.


A session may help you to:

  • Relax and renew
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and depression
  • Manage pain and illness
  • Sleep better
  • Gain clarity and deep peace
  • Connect to your True Self
  • Open to new possibilities


You don't have to be ill or injured to benefit from remote healing sessions.

A healing session often offers great help in life situations, as it opens you towards freedom and deep change, enhancing energy at every level.



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