Sharon Leng

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It is Possible to Look and Feel Youthful at Any Age

Decades of studies and practice in aesthetics, anti-aging medicine and healing work across the continents have taught me clearly that most health conditions and “aging” are results of emotional stress, diet and lifestyle, and in many cases a combination of them.


I am here for you if you have concerns in:

· Aging / Premature Aging (Face & Body)

· Stress-related Disorders

· Anxiety and Depression

· Chronic Health Conditions

· Pain Management

· Menopausal Experience

· Diet & lifestyle Issues


The Healer in You

I find joy in the unlimited, co-creative process of healing with the inner healer in each of my clients.  When we allow it, the body finds its path, Healing and Rejuvenation happen now.

According to individual needs, modalities such as: rejuvenation acupuncture, QI (energy) healing, herbs, auricular-therapy (ear-seeding), diet and lifestyle advice, and mindfulness-based counselling, are integrated into your session or a program.


"About Sharon

Known as a passionate and skilled Rejuvenation Acupuncture and Holistic Healing Therapist, Sharon has been serving her clients both in clinic and online in Asia, North America and Europe for over two decades.

Sharon’s diverse educational background and experience in anti-aging and wellness have led her to develop a unique healing style.

Her intuitive healing program includes rejuvenation procedures, acupuncture, energy healing, along with diet & lifestyle counseling.  It has been helping a loyal, multicultural clientele to live a healthy and youthful lifestyle.  Although she maintains a relatively low-key presence, her fans are legion - many swear by her services to keep them looking fabulous.

Inspired by some of the most sort-after teachers, whom she has trained and worked with such as Aida Grey, Lillian Maund, Pam Popper and Alain Herriot, Sharon also contributes her off-clinic time to advanced therapist-training, authoring contents and books, and conducting wellness workshops for the community."


Some of my studies, qualifications and experiences are:

MA in Counseling Psychology – Middlesex University, UK      

• Dip. Professional TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Acupuncture  – BUHK

• Specialty Acupuncture - Guangzhou Provincial Hospital, China

• Certified Facial Enhance Acupuncturist - FEA, UK

• Certified Earseeds Practitioner - EA, US

• Dip. Plant-based Nutrition Therapist – IA, UK

• Certified Health Educator  - Wellness Forum, US

• Certified Meditation Teacher - BSY, UK

• Quantum Touch Practitioner and Instructor - QT, US  

• Healing Practitioner, Coach & Instructor - TWM, US 

• Holistic Skin Care Consultant - Aida Grey Beverly Hills, US

• Teacher and Examiner for International Aestheticiennes, UK



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